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Hardwood Refinishing


As your hardwood floors age, they can lose their natural brilliance. Years of traffic wear away the finish and, after a while, you may find scratches or dents that need attention. Pets, falling objects, moving furniture, and everyday traffic can damage your floors in small ways. However, these minor scuffs and blemishes add up until, eventually, you need to repair or refinish your hardwood floors.

City Flooring is Michigan’s premier hardwood floor repair specialist. We can find the best ways to repair your floor to new condition without a lot of stress, mess and hassle. We have color matching services so you do not have to worry about mismatched tones and we can repair minor damage before it turns into a major problem. Even if your floors require complete refinishing, we can help. Our technicians can do the job quickly and professionally so you can go back to enjoying the natural beauty of your flooring. If you would like us to evaluate your hardwood floors, please call us at (586)622-6466. We will then provide you with a free consultation and estimate.

We proudly serve businesses in many Michigan locales, including Sterling Heights, Troy, Clinton Township, Warren, Macomb, Oakland, Wayne, Birmingham and Saint Clair Shores. Call us today and let us bring back the original beauty of your hardwoor floors in your home, office, or workspace.